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In the beginning...

We're hospitality people. Those crazy kids who work 70 hours a week at your local hotels, expediting room service, courting meeting planners and racking up room nights. We are the people in the dark offices in the basements of convention centers. The people out holding umbrellas over guests as they board busses. The CVB reps showing you the best of their city. The facility managers watching over every sound check and security guard. Always smiling in spite of our blisters.

And we love it.

After evolving with this business for decades, we saw the massive tech changes that are frankly, long overdue for this industry. From AirBNB to Uber. We began researching the mysterious travel GDS (Global Distribution System). There are no really good 'white label' options to let you capture travel bookings (trust us, we looked). We quickly learned that any GDS connectivity would require customization - it would take time and a lot of money.


Having neither of these, we jumped right in anyway.

What we learned? Unless you have an office full of rock-star developers, a clear vision, a big bank account and a steady supply of tequilla this isn't easy. The good news is WE DID IT so you don't have to. This isn't 'new' exactly - STAYKER is a system proven, tested and ready to roll. We used this on a slew of events, large and small for over 2 years (no one wants to be the Doctor's first patient). We realized this was something we needed to share.

Now with free and reasonably priced subscriptions we bring you STAYKER. Our baby.

Oh, and we aren't done yet by any means. This is just the first release. We're working to listen to our customers (crazy, right?) so we can continually expand and improve (besides, we haven't run out of tequilla).

Come on - stake your claim to your share of the travel business!


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