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Sell hotels online 
under your brand.


  • Sell live hotel inventory at the best rates. 

  • Points Included.

  • Build your brand.

  • Generate revenue.

  • No more 'courtesy blocks".

  • Did we mention it's FREE to start?

  • Five minutes gets you started.

  • Go home early.

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Stayker SNAP

Create your hotel booking site in 3 minutes. Free.


5 minutes.

No credit card required.

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Connect your Stayker booking link to your website and social media. Keep your customer data. 


Get Bookings

Login to your Stayker admin panel and watch your booking revenues rack up. 


The App

How it Works

Sign in. Setup. Get Bookings

Want to get travel bookings online? Get ready to spend significant resources. Travel distribution isn't something just anyone can get into. Stayker took years to develop, iterate, test, and launch, and we're adding functionality every day. Our customers can concentrate on their core business; we work like Oz behind the curtain. 

Jordan Brands

The Jumpman Invitational in Charlotte powers fan reservations with Stayker.

THE PLAYERS Championship.png



Following a successful 2022 Presidents Cup, Stayker continues to grow partnerships with the PGA TOUR, including THE PLAYERS Championship and the TOUR Championship.

Creator Travel

The JERNE platform connects influential travel creators and experience providers. Stayker provides the booking attribution behind the brand. 

Learn More


Markets We Serve

We've built the Swiss-army knife of travel products. 



Your work hard for every booking and the GDS is stuck in 1985. Let's get your bookings online without a massive development investment. Make money in your sleep, create happier customers, and work smarter not harder.

Conventions, Meeting & Event Planners, and Third Parties.

Avoid the lengthy hotel RFP process. Capture hotel room bookings for any hotel without a contract. Avoid attrition and simplify hotel sourcing. Handpick hotels and capture critical bookings after contracted cut-off dates.  Access exclusive consortia rates & benefits, private rates, and negotiated rates.

Stadiums, Arenas

& Venues

Your venue generates demand for hotels and is an economic engine outside your turnstiles. Track the hotel business you send to handpicked local partners while engaging with fans and generating a whole new revenue stream. Make that happy CFO approve your raise!

Colleges & 


 Engage with your fans and monetize the business your university sends to hotel partners in any destination. Connect to our partner for a full B2C fan travel experience! 



Tired of static hotel directories and trying to capture your company travel bookings? Get your business travelers booking online for any destination, handpick hotels. Earn rebates on every booking.  Access exclusive consortia rates & benefits, private rates and negotiated rates.

See a demo business travel site for "your company".  

Destination Marketing Organizations

 Count every room night for hundreds of events that don't fit the typical RFP-contract model. Help hotels and event venues get instant bookings with our new venue booking tool. Stayker is the tool of your dreams!

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