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One Platform. 

More Business.

Fewer Contracts.

We think "third parties" are more vital than ever. Clients have cut staff and travel, but as travel begins to reopen they will need your expertise to navigate the waters. Hotels need your business. It's time for hotels, planners, and third parties to work smarter. 

HOW IT WORKS:  Over 650,000 hotels still offer their rooms and rates to travel agencies via the Global Distribution System (GDS). No RFP's, no months long negotiations for contract terms.

 1) By using STAYKER you can offer one hotel or one hundred, offering any public rate in the GDS under your brand (or your clients).

 2) Access to exclusive consortia rates & benefits, private rates, and negotiated rates

 3) Respond faster to clients as they start to travel again. 

 4) Pursue lines of business in new markets such as outdoor events. 

 5) Give business clients open-date travel portals to destinations they frequent.  

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