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Please Note: You must be the official organizer, or authorized third-party for any event or venue.

Monetize travel under your brand.

Event travel is taking an unprecedented hit from the Coronavirus. Let Stayker help ease the pain of rescheduling events!

  • Go live with bookings in 24 hours.

  • No hotel contracts required.

  • Earn 10% commission on every actualized booking under your own IATA (what's an IATA?)

  • Earn 6% commission for non-IATA holders. 

  • Custom booking link to post to your web pages, social media etc.

  • Your logo on all booking pages and email confirmations.

  • Handpick up to 4 hotels to feature on search.

  • Email customer service support. 

  • Final report of hotel pick-up and basic guest list.

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Don't see a feature you need?

Customizations Available!

We're just getting started and we've got a lot more under the hood.

Capture bookings under your brand.

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Generate commissions.

Prices start at FREE.

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