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2022 Presidents Cup Fan Program

HOW IT WORKS: Your hotel already offers rooms and rates via travel's Global Distribution System (GDS). Stayker ties into those public and consortia rates and brings them to market under the client's brand. The client can handpick hotels, or set a geographic perimeter. We sell only your commissionable rates, and there is no charge to your property other than commissions. Unlike many other platforms, we do not charge the guests booking a service fee.

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Learn how Stayker works for hotels!
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Stayker's founder and leadership have decades of hospitality industry experience. We've worked in hotels, in DMO's and as planners for major events. We know hotels don't have an easy job, and we know first-hand how hard you work for every room night! We created Stayker to help hotels book (and track) more business. 


  • Alleviate time-consuming courtesy blocks. 

  • Alleviate lengthy RFP, contracting, and attrition headaches.

  • Let hotels control their ADR. 

  • Track every client's total room nights. 

We're thrilled to be partnering with the 2022 Presidents Cup and there is much more to follow!

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