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  • Over 650,000 hotels.

  • Over 180 countries.

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  • Monetize hotel bookings.

  • No contracts.

  • No kidding.

"It’s tough to provide event housing when the financial risks are so high. New platform Stayker aims to give planners a bit of security."

— Isaac Carey SKIFT 

“Stayker Launches First True SaaS Application Bringing Online Travel Bookings to Events of all Types”

- Exhibitor Online


One Solution.Many Markets.


Get your bookings online for any destination - or just select hotels. STAYKER is your host agency. 

convention, meeting and event planners

Capture bookings for  overflow hotels, small meetings and after group contracted cut-off dates. 


Large or small, your venue likely brings in outside visitors. Don't let travel  be a barrier! Help them on the journey and boost your bottom line. 

Colleges and Universities

Engage with your fans! Monetize the business you send to hotel partners - minus the contracts of course. 

YOUTH AND ADULT Competitions

 From  youth sports needing 'stay to play' to marathons and drama clubs. Set up your event in minutes, and go back to focusing on running the competition. 


Your success is largely gauged on tracking the economic impact of business booked. Count every room for hundreds of events that don't fit the typical RFP-contract model. Stayker is the tool of your dreams!

Festivals & Community events

Your booking portal takes the hotel booking 'to do' list off your plate. Boost ticket sales by offering great hotels close to the venue and engage with your customers before they hit the turnstiles. 

many other uses
  • Want to monetize your travel blog?

  • Want to capture a niche travel market? 

  • Plan weddings?

  • Plan golf travel?

  • Want only pet-friendly hotels?

  • Booking Internationally?

  • Have an API we can connect to? 

  • Want to just discuss your ideas?


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