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One Platform. 
More Group Business.
Recover Revenues Faster.
Free to Participate. 

Our founder worked in hotel sales (and loved every minute). It's not an easy job, and we know first-hand how hard you work for every room night. We created Stayker to help hotels capture more business.


  • Alleviate time-consuming courtesy blocks. 

  • Reduce the need for lengthy RFP and contracting processes.

  • Reduce the attrition headaches for hotels and planners.

  • Give hotels more control over their ADR. 

  • Track every client's total room nights through custom links.

HOW IT WORKS: Your hotel already offers rooms and rates to various markets via the Global Distribution System (GDS). Stayker ties into those rates and brings them to market under the client's brand. Stayker can sell any commissionable and negotiated rates offered to the public and you pay only commissions. 


Take that one step further and offer exclusive rates to groups and events of all kinds by using this same simple GDS channel to sell your hotel. Simply fill out the form, and we'll send rate loading instructions.




Have a minute? 

Learn how Stayker works for hotels!
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