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Stayker - Simplify Travel Booking

Claim your share of travel bookings

One Platform - Many Products

Hotels - Short Term Rentals - Experiences - 


Your Brand Engine

  • Create a new revenue stream

  • ​Elevate your brand with travel services

  • Launch in days

  • Customized to your brand & identity​​

  • Sell live inventory effortlessly at competitive rates

  • All customer service included - no heavy lifting​

Large Events

  • Curate hotel partnerships

  • Showcase featured hotels 

  • Zero contract penalties

  • Monitor your economic impact 

  • Cultivate satisfied customers with our comprehensive services

Business Travel

  • Deploy an employee booking portal customized to the needs of your industry.

  • Handpick brands include your negotiated rates or ours

  • Track travel spend

  • Create happy road warriors, earning points with every booking

  • Foster customer satisfaction 


  • Reduce RFP's

  • Service clients without contracts

  • Track room nights

  • ​Gain exposure to thousands of events

  • Ensure traveler satisfaction

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Stayker customized white-label
Stayker customized white-label

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