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FAQ: Hotels

  • What is STAYKER?
    STAYKER is a software as a service (SaaS). We bring live hotel inventory and rates online and easily bookable under your brand without need for RFP's, lengthy negotiations or potentially costly hotel contracts. We are not a third party - we are a technology provider for brands, event planners, facilities, destinations, influencers and many others who wish to serve their customers needs for travel booking capabilities.
  • Where do you get your hotel inventory and rates?
    Hotels enter their own rates and inventory into the travel global distribution system and other direct channels. This may be done at property level or corporately. Stayker accesses the hotels rates and inventory through an API (application programming interface) and displays best available rates as well as our own negotiated hotel rates exclusive to our platform. Customers booking with Stayker have an immediate confirmation number, direclty from the hotel and our service to back it up.
  • What if I have multiple events?
    Great, we can do unlimited events worldwide! We can provide as many separate event booking sites as needed - either for specific dates or open booking portals for any date up to 330 days in the future.
  • We have an IATA, can we use Stayker?"
    Yes! You can earn revenue shares on our Pro plan without an IATA but if you have an IATA Stayker can be customized to allow you to license our software and earn commissions directly. This fully white-label option is ideal for those with large events or ongoing demand.
  • What if I don't own the event or facility but want to get bookings for something that looks like it would have demand for hotels?
    We provide our software for use by official event organizers or their authorized third parties only. As long as you are officially representing the event, facility or destination you can use Stayker. For example, if you want to list an event that doesn't offer hotel reservations services you could approach that event about becoming their official provider using Stayker!
  • Is Stayker secure?
    We are fully secure, PCI and GDPR compliant for all bookings. Our platform is powered by one of the major Global Distribution Systems and we do not store or charge the customer's credit card in our system - the data is passed securely on through that GDS provider directly to the hotel's reservation system for processing.
  • Can I cancel a subscription?
    You may cancel your services with us at any time. Any previously existing reservations would be honored by the hotels of course. Should an event be cancelled, we can contact your customers to cancel their bookings as well.
  • What if my event dates change?
    That's one of the great advantages of STAYKER! We can edit your dates at any time - up to 350 days in the future. Any bookings made could be cancelled and rebooked.
  • How do my customers book, cancel and make changes?
    Coming soon.
  • What if I already have hotel contracts in place?
    We understand that side of the business very well too. Stayker can be used for post cut-off bookings so you don't lose any of your attendees around the block. It's also great for overflow hotel needs. We also have a system that can manage your group hotel inventory if you are interested!
  • Can I pick what hotels are shown?
    Absolutely! We have over 650,000 hotels in 140 countries and if a hotel isn't available, we can help them onboard to our GDS provider.
  • Will you market to my customers?
    Never. Your customers and their data are not shared, nor do we do outbound marketing to individual customers.
  • I need a lot of hotels, how many can you show on a booking site?
    It is really up to you - we input the geographic location of the event and then populate hotels within the mileage you specify. That might be 2 miles or 200 and as many hotels as you want to present.
  • Do I provide the customer service for all these bookings?
    As with so many services today, the customer expects to do it all online. Their confirmation is direct from the hotels system (no rooming lists!) so they can contact the hotel direclty to make any changes. You can focus on the many other duties at hand!
  • How do I know who has booked?
    We provide complete reporting to you on the number of bookings generated by hotel, and of course the rates. Customer data is protected, and we can discuss how this might fit with your own company policies and customize how our product works for your needs. Stayker is a great tool for accounting for your economic impact and for future planning.
  • What is my reservation deadline or cut-off date?
    There isn't one! Your Stayker site will be open up until even the day of arrival for your guests. We monitor hotel availability and add hotels when needed, at your direction.
  • How do I get bookings?
    You sign up for a Stayker plan which takes only a few mintues. We send you a simple URL to link to and promote across your website, ticket or registration platform, in emails and social media channels. Your customers book directly on those pages from their desktop or mobile device. No app to download, easy!
  • What if I don't have set dates, and want ongoing bookings?
    We can do that! Our system has hotel rates and availabiltiy up to 330 days in the future and we can set our system to make that a rolling deadline. Contact us and we will discuss pricing for your needs.
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